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Longier wide-format printers make UK debut

A close up of the Longier flatbed printerQuality Print Services (QPS) has introduced the Longier range of LED cured UV printers to the UK market.
Longier print systems feature the very latest long-life, cool-cure, LED UV technology for leading energy efficiency, speeds of up to 70sqm/hr, white ink as standard plus varnish and spot colours, and many special features such as an oversized board printing option'.

The Longier range is a result of UK design refinement and is supported by a team of experienced, UK-based technical engineers, who offer a 'credible and affordable alternative' to established names in the wide-format arena.

The UK Longier range currently comprises five new LED UV printers:
- The Longier Hunter FP 3750: a 2,500 x 1,450mm flatbed printer
- The Longier Hunter FR 3750: a 2,500 x 1,450mm printer with roll-to-roll option
- The Longier Hunter FR 4650: a 3,200 x 1,450mm printer with roll-to-roll option
- The Longier Hunter FP 6000: a 2,000 x 3,000mm flatbed printer
- The Longier Hunter FP 900: a 1,000 x 900mm flatbed printer
Each Longier printer will come supplied with Nazdar 'top-quality inks for outstanding print consistency, adhesion, colour saturation and price'.

"We're excited to introduce Longier flatbed printers to the UK market for the first time," says QPS Managing Director Chris Bailey. "The brand is a real competitor against our industry's more recognised names and with Nazdar inks ready-installed it offers exceptional quality and cost savings.
"Longier machines are solidly built, efficient and reliable so are ideal for any sign-maker or display company looking to replace or expand their equipment. In fact, we'd like to invite businesses to test the Longier printer at the UK demonstration suite to put the range through its paces using their own files on their own substrates."


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