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ORAFOL launches new material for vehicle marking

A roll of flexible marking tapeORAFOL recently launched a new flexible marking film for vehicles. The material is an upgraded version of the company's former fluorescent lime/red chevron film. Not only does the new microprismatic reflective material provide 'outstanding' visibility properties for the user, it also provides great benefits for the applicators.

Dr. Sylvia Lucht, Sales and Marketing Director for ORAFOL's Reflective Solutions Division said: "With this new material we have really focused on providing a flexible material, which will make it easy to work with for the applicators, without any compromise on visibility. With this new material you get outstanding reflective and fluorescent properties by both day and night; easy rear end chevron application as the material is pre-printed; and easy handling of the material during the application process."

This new more flexible ORALITEĀ® film does not need any edge sealing, and it also conforms to slightly curved vehicle shapes. The material is approved to TPESC B 13233.


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