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Versatile solutions deliver maximum impact

Built-up letters are the cornerstone to good signage, something which Applelec has specialised in for over 20 years. Using not only time-honoured techniques but integrating the latest technology and finishes, the company understands all the nuances of what make a sign great.

Hand-crafted, built up letters have proved to be one of the most effective and economical ways of creating signage to help a client promote their business. With limitless options from metal to acrylic, painted to look antique and products suitable for indoor use to those that are appropriate for coastal applications, Applelec’s team of signage specialist account managers work with clients to deliver the right impact while achieving their project requirements and budget.

Also known as 3D or channel letters, Applelec built-up letters come with a wide array of options. It is this ability to build to almost any specification that removes boundaries to creativity.

This is further enhanced by an extensive range of Illuminated built-up letters which can include Sloan LEDs. Applelec is the exclusive UK distributor of Sloan LEDs, all of which come with a 10-year electric componentry warranty and have proven cost savings so that a sign can cost less than a penny an hour to illuminate. Account managers support clients with structural advice and engineering drawings, where appropriate. This in-house expertise” sets Applelec apart”, working together with clients to safeguard against potential problems and costly delays. Options include:

  • 3D metal letters: beautifully crafted to deliver a striking impact. Precise manufacturing ensures the blended edges achieve an impressive, seamless finish.
  • Rim and return: a built-up metal letter with an acrylic illuminated face surrounded by the neat, visible keyline trim of the metal.
  • Rimless: a built-up metal letter with an acrylic illuminated face. The acrylic covers the entire face of the letter.
  • Halo: Applelec SignPik halo illumination diffuses the light produced by the LEDs through an acrylic base to produce a beautiful consistent glow on all surfaces without the LEDs being visible. The discreet edge illumination allows for a smooth, uniform glow of light around the whole perimeter of the lettering. The construction comprises a closed acrylic base excluding any shadowing and allowing the letter to be mounted flush to the surface.
  • Neon: this low voltage, safe to touch product is both robust and easy to install. This option offers the glass tube appearance while the rounded face of the clear or frosted finished lettering gives a crystalline illusion to the eye, retaining that retro neon style. This is further enhanced by the light refraction of the oval prism face, transferred from the energy efficient LED light source.
  • Block acrylic: this versatile finish can be used to achieve a modern crystalline finish for a wide range of signage products including face illumination with halo and partial illumination to the sides. This robust option achieves the impact of glass in an array of vibrant colours while removing associated risks.
  • Cabochon: the quirky nostalgia of these vintage fairground style bulbs create a fun and memorable appearance to any project. With many size, colour and controller options available, Cabochon’s long life, low energy LEDs ensure an eye-catching impact.


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