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Acrylic built ups handmade with care and precision

Signs 2 Signs is an experienced trade manufacturer with over two decades of knowledge, specialising in 3D built up acrylic letters and logos, with a small team of certified Perspex fabricators and trained technicians. Our skills extend to metal built up letters, which are both available with LED illumination, says Ben Melling.

Acrylic built ups are our speciality. Metal and acrylic built ups consist of a face, returns and a back. We can produce standard, rimless, rim and return letters and logos using materials from trustworthy brands including Polycril and Perspex, which has a 10-year guarantee. All our letters can also be supplied with LED Illumination.

Using our AXYZ CNC routers we can easily create the faces, returns and backs for our acrylic built up letters and logos, at any size with sheet size parameters and returns anywhere from 20mm to 170mm deep. All our acrylic built ups are handmade and created at Signs 2 Signs with care and precision. The returns are precisely bent using our large oven which softens the acrylic and allows for it to be bent to the exact shape.

With great accuracy, the returns are cut to the perfect size for each part of the built up. The returns are then bonded to the face of the acrylic and trimmed to reveal a clean and nice-looking edge. For letters with LED Illumination we use our CNC machines to cut the foam backs, used for face illumination or polycarbonate backs, intended for halo illumination. The LEDs are CAD optimised for the best distance between each module for the most even illumination of the sign. Our acrylic built ups are constructed to last, made with precision and care to the highest quality every time.

In addition, we supply stainless steel letters with a different process to acrylic letters. Our metal letters can come in a standard, brushed or mirrored finish, as well as being able to be powder coated and standard 3D, rimless, rim and return, with all the different types allowing for LED illumination, which is achieved the same as with the acrylic letters. We laser cut our stainless steel faces for the letters and have a computerised metal bender which can make returns with perfect bends and folds for our metal letters. These are fitted to the metal faces with laser/ark/solder process which makes them very precise.

Our built ups can be used for a variety of different applications in many different areas of use such as shop fronts, shows, exhibitions, restaurants, bars, offices and many other kinds of businesses, both internally and externally. Our built up letters and logos are built to last.

We are a B2B trade manufacturer based in Manchester, although we ship throughout the UK and Europe; but we cross over into many different industries which allows us to work on many different interesting projects. People love coming to Signs 2 Signs as they know they will be supplied with durable and well-made signage for their clients, friendly and helpful staff who can answer all of their questions and a wealth of experience and knowledge that has been put into every job to ensure the best and highest quality product that has been produced. We are always open for emails sales@signs2signs.com and active on Instagram so you can always find out what we are working on @Signs2Signs.


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