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Old school approach to signage

Since its inception in 2015 Lemon Signs has striven to stay at the forefront of signage design and manufacture, exploring new ways of production and reuse of ‘old school’ materials and techniques, often ‘borrowing’ them from different sectors and unrelated in dustries. Richard Pettinger discusses how this approach has resulted in an increasingly versatile offering.

For almost three years, in addition to our growth in the design and supply of ‘conventional’ signage, we have carved a niche for ourselves in the world of more creative, graphic design-led 3D work.

Collaborating with design companies both locally and further afield, we have developed new methods of producing arresting signage that is lightweight, easier and cheaper to install than some traditional approaches and versatile enough to allow clients to create signs unrestricted by existing sign production processes. Clients are more than ever, seeking to ensure that their signage is as effective, eye-catching and (of course) cost-effective as ever and the new approaches developed by Lemon Signs are delivering original solutions to businesses looking to renew and reinvigorate their signage offerings.

From the production side, the use of innovative, more adaptable materials has also meant that sign production is no longer necessarily constrained by raw material sheet size limitation, as smaller sections can be glued together or tiled for additional depth.

Additionally, because of the lightweight nature of some of the materials we use, the cost of installation is often significantly reduced to the point where it can even be undertaken by the client themselves with the aid of recycled cardboard templates supplied by Lemon Signs.

With the great success of these new areas of sign making, we are continuing to explore new avenues including radical uses of magnetic fixings, shaped digital screen faces, internal LED illumination, metallic and resin coating and the use of HDU foam as a more durable robust alternative to XPS lettering.

While the R&D we undertake into the innovation and reinvention of 3D signage has been embraced by many of our clients, both new and existing, it has also sparked significant interest among a number of our trade colleagues (locally and more widely). With this in mind, we are exploring sharing of our expertise in 3D design, manufacture and installation services as a totally ‘white label’ support service and welcome contact from interested sign makers

Lemon Signs can work as a completely anonymous resource for other sign firms, with non-disclosure agreements in place if necessary, helping them to deliver a seamless professional service on time, on budget and on specification, every time. No excuses, no delays and no quibbles. Watch this space!


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