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Choosing the correct finish

Hems and Eyelets on a large Banner Laser guided eyelet machine Wedge Welder Stitched pole pocket

Scott Conway from Venture Banners gives us the low down on the specialised banner applications and finishes offered to customers, looking to produce banners.

Unlike many large-format banner printing companies, Venture Banners offer many banner finishing options as standard. With regards to the finish you want, it will be dependent upon where the banners are going to be used.

Venture Banners offer a variety of finishes on a banner including:

• Hems and eyelets

• Pole pockets

• Simply trimmed to size

They also have a few options to increase the durability of your banner, providing extra protection in difficult conditions. These include:

• Double re-inforced hems

• Double or triple stitching

• Wind slits

But What Do I Need?

The chances are, you'll just want to hang your banner on the side of a building or fence/wall. If that's the case then hems and eyelets are your best bet. It allows for easy fixing through the eyelets with rope, bungeerope, cable ties (which are not the best fixing solution), bungee ties or even using screws and washers.

The hem doubles the thickness of the banner providing the strength with either the stitching or welding, keeping the hem in place. This provides your banner with the strength required for basic needs.

Our hems can either be stitched or high-frequency welded, and it's really down to personal preference on what you prefer.

We would always recommend welding the hems on a mesh banner; however, unfortunately this is not always possible.

Hems and eyelets are our standard and by far, most popular finish on banners due to the versatility offered for fixing the banner to a multitude of services.

I would say that if you are ever in doubt, have your banner hemmed and eyeleted, this keeps your fixing options open. Please note: Some people refer to eyelets as grommets or quite simply, metal-rings.

What Are Pole Pockets?

Pole pockets are pretty self explanatory, they are a 'pocket' on the banner which allows a 'pole' to slide through… can you see how they got their name?

Obviously you can use something other than a pole with rope or chains used in some situations.

A pole pocket can be capped at one end so that if it is on the side of a banner and capped at the top you can place poles through. This has been used in marches and parades.

Again, the pocket is either stitched or welded and is included within the final size of the banner. If having a double-sided banner, keeping artwork simple in these areas is always a wise move.

Pole pockets are common on lamp-post banners, which allow the protruding arms of the frame to slide through the top and bottom of the banner with an eyelet to prevent lateral movement away from the lamp-post

If the pole pocketed banner is going to be used outdoors it should really be double or triple-stitched or high-frequency welded.

This will provide extra strength in adverse weather conditions. Please do ask for this when ordering your banner as we only single stitch as standard. This is due to the fact that a lot of the banners that we print with pole pockets are used indoors, for such things as exhibitions, and do not need the extra stitching.

Pole pockets are also good for hanging banners with the bottom pole pocket used to contain a weight to provide the tension. If this is required please ensure that the weight is secure and will not fall on anyone, we don't want anyone to get hurt!

Eyelets can be used in conjunction with pole pockets, either going through the banner or through the pocket itself, if required.

Trimmed To Size? Isn't That A Bit Boring?

We like to think of it as a simple finish. This finish just means that the banner is cut to the size that you require. Used on certain banner framing systems or for a variety of other purposes that some people have used quite creatively.

We can place eyelets in a trimmed to size banner, but remember that as there is no hem, eyelets could be ripped out. Trimmed to size is also the standard finish on our hard-substrates such as Foamex and Correx.

Remember we are always on the end of a phone, don't be scared If you are still unsure as to how you want your banner finished give us a call. We are always here (during normal office hours, that is) if you ever need advice. We are always happy to help talk through your requirements and will endeavour to provide you with a solution.

For more information on Venture Banners please call 0845 604 1030 or visit www.venturebanners.co.uk

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