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In focus: Prompt Media

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London based Prompt Media offer complete turnkey solutions to individuals and advertising companies.

Their mission statement is to deliver the absolute best quality, at the time and place you want it. The company offers a unique range of cost saving products and an unbeatable market leading turnaround time. Mutually, giving all clients or advertisers the one and only, best and cheapest, opportunities to market their messages.

Their Lamppost Banner system gives you the opportunity to advertise your message in the exact target area. Their Euro Chieftain BannerSaver system is the World’s Leading Wind Releasing lamppost banner system which allows banners to stay up for longer.

The unique motorised hanging banner system gives you the opportunity to hang Large Format Double Sided Banners and or 3D promotional stuff, without the need for expensive changeover costs and save on any damage caused by access equipment.

Other products which they provide are building wraps, column wraps, barrier and fence scrimps, banner framing, light boxes and various point of sale material including poster and leaflets. Lamppost Banners provides clients with an opportunity to advertise in locations which cannot be accessed by normal media alongside standard locations, e.g. residential streets, estates, cul-de-sacs, near local shops and retail parks, alongside high streets and main arterial routes and main roads.

Lamppost Banners are also great directional tools guiding customers to your business or advertising your presence in high footfall areas.

Prompt Media can apply for the planning permission for you and having already worked with councils and highways, ideally placed to deliver your campaigns.

Their live tracking and asset management system gives you quality feedback and a progress report. Also the system keeps all your sites listed in 1 location which can easily be exported to MapPoint or any other software which accepts data in spreadsheet format.

“We are the manufacturer of a unique and formidable system of banner brackets with a wind releasing feature by reducing wind loading by 88%. Such features benefit you by safeguarding your messages, protecting your expensive banner from tearing up and being cost effective. Being EN40 compliant - premier banner fixings for attaching banners and flags to lampposts, columns, walls, fences, etc. Our demand for such a versatile system has escalated. The removal arms make it easy for installation & banner changes. Our product is of unrivalled quality & performance for your advertiser`s needs,” says Kaushal Shah, Director, Prompt Media.

Their client profiles include; councils, large shopping malls, supermarkets, media agencies, SME’s and independent retailers across the country.

For more information on Prompt Media please call 0203 3137 7737 or visit www.promptmedia.co.uk

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