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Profit from banners

Banner offering a free brake inspectionMetamark banner promoting a Golf ClubMetamark banner in a shopping precinct.

Metamark introduces some attractive concepts in equally attractively priced banner materials - quality and consistency are just two…

Digitally printable banner materials with an attractive price tag tend to be highly variable in terms of quality and produce results that are, only occasionally, very good. The rest of the time, quality is known to disappoint as printed results fall short of expectations, or flaws in the fabric of the material itself make themselves known and obvious.

According to Metamark, its latest MD-FL banner series takes the suspect elements out of the banner materials equation and introduces premium features and performance to a materials market segment that's arguably better known for being led by low price - but where theres a price to be paid. Metamark says it has changed that.

The newly formulated materials are part of Metamark's MD-Class digital materials portfolio and are said to offer broad spectrum compatibility with modern digital ink species including Solvent, Eco-Solvent, UV and Latex. There's a material in the range that covers every ink option.

The materials' print side is reported to present a clean, ink-receptive surface with no manufacturing process-related aberrations to impact the printed result, and a uniform white that doesn't vary markedly either within the roll or across batches.

A variety of weights are available to suit a range of application demands whether indoors or out. The structural integrity is said to be class-leading by Metamark, with high quality scrims forming the support within the material's plastic composition.

The materials can be easily cut, respond well to welding, taping and the provision of eyelets. In use, the finished articles produced using the MD-FL series hang well and endure outdoor conditions that would see others cracking or yellowing. Metamark also offers a range of finishing products to make the production job that bit easier still.

The proof of course is in the printing and it is here, according to Metamark that the MD-FL Series' credentials really prove themselves. Metamark reports that the materials' ink holding characteristics produce results with orders of resolution that are typically not associated with digitally printed banners. With such high quality and consistency available in a material that's priced so competitively, Metamark thinks that applications are likely to be expanded.

In terms of "getting a share of the air," nothing works as well as a generously sized banner. Producing large graphics using MD-FL banner materials means that applications beyond the traditional can be considered for such materials and that they can serve a need where scale and the fragile nature of some substrates for quality print might have put a stop to a project before it even gets out of the block.

Metamark is convinced that anyone with experience operating a modern inkjet printer will immediately see the benefits the reformulated MD-FL series delivers. To help prove its point, Metamark will send a sample roll to anyone wishing to test its claims, free of charge.

The days when the application spectrum for banners was confined to short-term promotion, the tatters of which are still sometimes seen hanging limply from chain-link fences and the ends of buildings, are now over. Despite the price range that banners typically occupy, they can make a very big, high quality impact too.

Unlike other digital materials that require some kind of support or surface to mount them upon, quality banner materials like Metamark's have sufficient strength and integrity to hang freely suspended. Now, that high quality digital print can be readily resolved by such materials, they are capable of creating new applications for such print, extending the reach of POS outside a store for example.

 Durability is now a factor in banner material design and formulation too. Banners promoting seasonal events can be used, carefully rolled, stored and used again. More stable material formulation means more stable materials, materials that don't yellow or crack, materials capable of displaying photo quality print on a large scale anywhere it's needed.

If it has been a while since you visited banners as part of your output portfolio, take a look at what the latest materials from Metamark could offer you.

To claim your sample roll, contact sales@metamark.co.uk and mention Sign Update in your mail. Metamark will send your sample the day you order it.

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