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Banner trends

Suspended digital print

We spoke to Kent based vinyl specialists, APA to find out what the current trends are when it comes to banner media.

The company have seen a large increase in the use digitally printed banners over the past couple of years, as you can print a full colour banner on one material; this has led to a slow decline of the need for self adhesive vinyl lettered banners.

“The different types of digitally printed banners range from 90g/m² to 700g/m² and depending on the type of job that you have to prepare are available in many compositions, such as synthetic textile, woven fabric, canvas fabric, single and double sided PVC and backlit,” said an APA representative.

Vinyl lettered banners are still popular with schools, promotions and special events, most recently being the London 2012 Olympics demanding a large number.

There are 52 colours in the self-adhesive banner vinyl range specific for adhering to PVC banners.

“The main misconception is that banner vinyl can be used on curtain sided vehicles. However, due to the composition, this is not the case, which is why we have manufactured APA Truck vinyl specific for this type of work. APA Truck vinyl has an adhesive that reacts to the PVC content in the curtain making it a durable, long lasting solution to decorating curtain sided vehicles.”

For more information on APA's products please call 0208 311 4400 or visit www.apaspa.com

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