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What makes a Pole and Plank solution ideal for outside directional signage?

Nova’s Pole and Plank System used to create a v-shaped sign
Nova’s Pole and Plank System is ideal for V-shaped and triangular signs
Signage using Nova Pole and Plank System installed in an industrial estate
Nova Pole and Plank System can be securely applied in suitable locations

According to Nova Aluminium, their Pole and Plank system is ideal for wayfinding signage of all kinds. Designed to make directional signage simple, Pole and Plank has 15 extrusions in the range. There are 78mm round and square posts and a D post at 100 x 78mm, all of which have internal support ribs that allow the posts to accept a 60 x 40mm steel reinforcing bar for signs that are more than 3000mm above the ground.

Lisa Sperring, Sales Manager at Nova Aluminium Systems Limited, explains, “In addition to these standard posts is the quad post that is perfect for making V shaped or triangular signs. The quad post also has internal support ribs for a steel reinforcing bar at 40 x 40mm. Also in the range is the wall quadrant post enabling wall mounted signage to be co-ordinated with any free- standing elements. All five posts accept the reversible infill giving a neatly closed off post and is perfect for keeping stock holding to a minimum when fabricators are using a variety of post shapes. All profiles in the Pole and Plank range are simply straight cut so in-house fabrication couldn’t be more straight forward. Aluminium end caps are available for all posts allowing for RAL colour matching caps to perfectly compliment the posts and panels.”

There are three standard planks in the range at depths of 100mm, 150mm and 200mm, all double sided as standard. Each plank has screw ports to accept a location pin, which when driven home

allows the plank to engage with the relevant post perfectly every time. This same location technology is also utilised on bespoke fabricated panels of all sizes to enable problem free fitting, thus eliminating the need for any awkward plastic parts often used for installing the panel. For bespoke panels, just two extrusions are used to produce the double-sided panel. The panel plank section runs across the top and bottom whilst the bracing bar is positioned at either end and at 600mm centres throughout the panel. VHB double sided tape is applied to the aluminium profiles allowing a 2mm aluminium sheet to be bonded securely to either side, once powder coated this produces a strong and seamless panel. Alternatively, the composite carrier section allows for cost effective single sided panels when using the round or quad posts.

Many possibilities

Lisa Sperring adds. “The system has further possibilities when V shaped and triangular arranged systems are required. The V carrier works with the round post to allow panels to be positioned at a variety of angles on the post. Similarly, the quad post allows for right angles signs by inserting the panels into the relevant slots. The quad post can also be used as a centre support for when larger signs are required. Using either the square post or the D post in conjunction with the Box 78 section allows for neat looking monolith signs. The Box 78 sections has recently been developed to accept a corner cleat allowing for a more robust system and one

Nova’s Pole and Plank System is ideal for V-shaped and triangular signs

that is quicker to fabricate. At 78mm the section provides ample room for both edge lighting and back lighting should an illuminated option be required. Pole and Plank can also be illuminated from above using with NovaHood or NovaTube. NovaTube can be fitted on double sided brackets providing an ample wash of light to each side of the panel.”

Wayfinding is not only used externally but is becoming more commonplace in store as well. “NovaGuide is an innovative new system ideal for hanging directional signage and also for promotional displays of all kinds,” says Sperring, adding, “With it’s 40mm deep screw free frame, NovaGuide accepts 5mm panels that sit flush within the frame. Designed to be magnetically fixed, panels can be easily updated when required. For when more permanent signage is desired, the magnetic tape can be substituted for a VHB tape. The systems also incorporate a strengthening bar for larger signs and a dedicated channel in the frame for fitting hanging hooks or eyebolts anywhere along the profile.”

Lisa Sperring concludes, “Wayfinding signage is becoming ever popular and Nova Aluminium are well placed to assist with any directional signs that you require, from retail and trade parks to schools and colleges, we have the solution you are looking for.”


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