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Directional Signage - Key features to look out for

Directional signage showing directions in an office building, using a signage system from Vista Systems.
Directional signage is a crucial part of our lives
Directional signage showing directions in a train station, using a signage system from Vista Systems.
Vista signage systems are easy to install and maintain

No-one likes to feel lost or confused and Directional Signage not only aids navigation in unfamiliar places but enhances confidence in the surroundings. Imagine you are in an airport, a large shopping centre or a hospital, without directional signage you could find yourself wandering around aimlessly, losing confidence in your surroundings and in extreme cases, even give up totally on what you had hoped to achieve.

The vast majority of us barely register the scale of directional signage that is in use around us because it is embedded in our everyday life. However, if you took this type of signage away the impact would be one of total and utter confusion. Directional Signage is a crucial part of our lives, using simple graphic displays to point people in the right direction and assist them in reaching their ultimate goal.

SignComp Europe Ltd was appointed the exclusive distributor of Vista Systems in the UK in March 2018. The Principals at SignComp were confident in investing in a system that had been trading successfully worldwide for 25 years. John Purton, Managing Director at SignComp Europe, explains, “The aim was to provide an effective Directional Signage system that was easy to install, that could be adapted over a wide range of designs and applications and which could be positioned in a variety of locations and environments. Vista ticked all the boxes.”

Simple and legible signs

He continues, “To enhance the Wayfinding and Directional experience, we encourage our customers to create simple and legible signs, allowing enough space so the message is clear. For example, go for high contrast, dark lettering on a lighter background so it is easier to read. A picture can often be more explanatory than words, especially in our diverse and multicultural society, so using icons in conjunction with text will aid even further. Choose a system that is easy to maintain, not prone to corrosion or patina and allows your end user to change graphics easily when updating information.”

John Purton adds, “Vista products tick many of these boxes and share many common traits with each other. Strong yet lightweight anodised aluminium frames which are fully recyclable so kinder to the environment, easy assembly and installation, plus fast and easy graphic changes to make life simpler for sign makers and end users alike.” Multiple materials and methods can be used including printed paper, engraved/embossed/screen printed substrates, photo-metal, photopolymer, vinyl graphics, braille, magnetic paper and much more. Vista System also offers an integrated separation strip which allows multiple sections within one sign at custom spacings, perfect for directories within hospitals and office spaces for example.

“Using SignProject software, we can also create bespoke directional signage solutions to suit any requirement, great for large projects with varied spaces. Lastly, our VKR suction cup makes removal of the face of your signage a breeze and renewing or updating the graphics is as easy as ABC,” concludes John Purto.


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