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Digital signage - May/June 2018

men working on a fourecourt in a workshop

As the different types of signage solutions continue to increase and develop, digital signage is undoubtedly on the rise. New ways of interacting with, and enticing, customers in retail are popping up in high street stores and malls around the world.Sue Mason investigated the impact digital signage has on retail and looks at other ways in which it can be used that we may sometimes take for granted, and are therefore not quite as obvious. As our feature highlights, it can even be used to save lives.



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Title Published Date Hits
Digital Signage – Today’s market and trends Jun 2018 1066
Digital forecourt signage Jun 2018 1316
Large format responsive touch screens Jun 2018 1172
Traffic management signage May 2018 1219
One Digital Signage – A story of growth May 2018 1293
Driving in-store conversions with digital signage May 2018 896

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