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CorelDraw X6 Boxed software CorelDraw Smart Carver screen shots.

Sign makers can expect to see software that saves time and money without compromising on quality or output says Gérard Métrailler, Sr. Director, Product Management, Graphics at CorelDRAW.

“Corel will continue to focus on workflow and ease-of-use, enabling users to leverage the power of CorelDRAW in order to get their job done quickly and with an impact,” he explains. As the needs and budgets of every business vary, 2014 will see Corel continuing to offer monthly and yearly subscriptions as well as perpetual licenses and boxed products, so that companies can find the exact software solution that meets it’s goals. “Sign makers must be sure to buy software tailored for their business, and must also decide if they want to buy their software outright or rent it via subscription; Corel offers both solutions giving the customer a choice.”

Corel has continually invested in the performance of the software, with CorelDRAW X6 being released almost 20 years after the first edition. This software has many updates and capabilities designed specifically for sign makers to make it simple and efficient to create designs suitable for use on a number of materials. "The ability to create impactful graphics for a variety of outputs - vehicle wraps, billboards and traditional signs – is critical, as sign makers are often working on multiple projects with very little time,” says Gérard. “Sign makers need software compatible with the latest equipment and inks, including accurate colour management, which must be easy to use, time-saving and suit their workflow.”

Designed with sign makers in mind

CorelDRAW X6 is equipped with tools specifically for the sign maker, as opposed to general graphic designers or ad agencies.

Four shaping tools make it easy to refine vector objects, while the custom build colour harmonies allow sign makers to adapt colours collectively as opposed to individually. The intuitive software also creates complementary colour schemes, helping reduce the amount of time required during the design process whilst still providing vibrant shades for the client. The Complex Script Support feature speaks to the diversity of jobs that sign makers may undertake – quite literally. Asian and Middle Eastern languages appear with complete accuracy, allowing sign makers to deliver projects in a multitude of type-settings and opening up new revenue streams.

To learn more, visit www.corel.com

CorelDraw Colour Harmonies functionality being shown with a screen shot


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