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Clarity Software - Increasing customer’s productivity

CLARITY SOFTWARE logoEmerson Welch, Marketing Manager for Clarity Software, reports that the company has seen a growth of over 20% this year, and predicts a similar profit next year as sign making companies require more software solutions to accommodate diverse business requirements.

As sign making companies continue to branch out when it comes to products and services, the demands from software are higher than ever. A new range of materials, printers, inks and more has lead sign makers to seek out integrated software solutions that take care of everything in one go. “At Clarity Software, we continue our quest to increase customer’s productivity by joining internal systems and processes together,” says Emerson. “Our joined up software is their foundation to drive high margins from the start, which is why software is right at the top of everyone’s list.”

Clarity Software broke ground last year after being the first software provider to be accepted into the BSGA. Their MIS (Management Information System) has been designed to help SMEs improve efficiency, streamline work processes and take care of time-consuming jobs automatically to reduce the amount of time it takes to process an order from start to finish. The company keeps a finger on the pulse of the changing dynamics in the sign industry so as to continually improve the MIS software to meet the demands of end users. With start-ups, mergers and breakaways constantly changing the face of the signage landscape, there is more pressure than ever to create software that rises to the challenge.

CLARITY SOFTWARE being showing in use.

One such challenge is the amount of business that is derived from website enquiries. As sign making companies look to increase this, Clarity Software responded with the innovative Web to MIS™ software, which received it’s debut in the Spring at the UK Sign and Digital exhibition. This timesaving software changed the face of website updates and customer communication in 2013, and Clarity Software looks to build on this momentum in the year to come. “Users will be quoting and estimating on the move through our cloud-based CRM system Clarity Go, which is a huge gamechanger for the industry, as well as having the ability to sell online using their trusted Clarity Professional MIS as the control centre for their website,” says Emerson.

Consolidation is key

Sign makers should ensure that they are selecting something tailor-made for sign and graphics, rather than a generic piece of software, advises Emerson. “Generalised business systems won’t work,” he says. “They will fall short in quoting and estimating and other key areas.” The areas of quoting and order placement are of course the most important when it comes to garnering immediate returns, and so Emerson advises to focus on this first before using the software to turn a hand to more advanced tasks like production scheduling and proofing. Rolling out the software in stages is advice Emerson often offers to businesses that are new to it, and it always well received. “The design of Clarity has been considered carefully so it can be implemented in stages, removing the need to overhaul your entire business overnight and risk upsetting your loyal staff,” he explains.

Just as important is the integration of the software with accounting products such as Sage and QuickBooks, as this mitigates the amount of time wasted on admin inputting duplicate entries into the system separately. From initial enquiries to finalised invoices, companies can keep track of everything in one place and spend less time doing so, freeing up more time to work on the projects at hand.

Heading into a new year, Emerson predicts there will be more than just software systems headed for amalgamation. “The natural progression of the sign industry points to more consolidation and acquisition in 2014, with some well-known corporations being targeted,” he reveals.

“There could be a few surprises.”

For more information visit www.clarity-software.com

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