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Zapkut launches Cleankut knife head

Product hailed as the complete, affordable sheet cutting solution.

Traditionally, smaller signmakers have used a plethora of tools for sizing, routing and edging a variety of different sheet materials – tools which add to workshop clutter and which all need maintaining and ultimately replacing.

With the recent introduction of 'Cleankut' knife head and floating router head options for its ZK and ZM vertical panel saw systems, British wall saw specialist Zapkut now offers a complete sheet cutting solution for smaller signmakers, simplifying operations and cutting costs.

Zapkut ZK vertical panel saw with knife head.

Portable ZK

The ZK range of portable panel saw frames offers the benefits of a wall saw in a genuine 'go-anywhere' package. When folded, these units fit easily into even the smallest of vans, ready for deployment anywhere, in seconds.

The ZK range's tripod leg system, ensuring stability on virtually any terrain, and its compatibility with a wide range of saw heads, now including cordless examples, mean these machines are ready for action anywhere, any time.

ZK units are also ideal for permanent installation in smaller workshops with limited budgets and cutting workloads: prices start at just £945. The ZK8 handles sheets of up to 8' x 4' (2.4m x 1.2m) while the ZK10 caters for larger sheets, sized up to 10' x 5' (3.2m x 1.6m).

A standard circular saw head makes short work of accurate panel sizing and makes precise repeat cuts simple and swift. The optional Cleankut knife head is perfect for the silent, dust-free cutting of softer materials such as Foamex and corrugated boards.

Zapkut ZM vertical panel saw with knife head.

Compact ZM

Zapkut ZM moving-column vertical panel saws are the ideal solution for smaller signmakers with heavier cutting requirements. With its moving-column design, the ZM has a remarkably compact operating footprint, making it the natural choice for workshops with limited space to play with.

Priced from £2,495, the ZM range includes the ZM12, for sheets of up to 8' x 4' (2.5m x 1.2m) the ZM16, taking boards of up to 10' x 5' (3.1m x 1.6m) and the ZM 21, with a maximum sheet size of 10' x 7' (3.1m x 2.1m)

Robust and easy to use, the ZM's versatility is greatly enhanced by the new optional floating-head router, ideal for v-grooving Dibond and other composite materials for the manufacture of three dimensional items such as light boxes.

Zapkut saws cut and rout a wide range of materials, including acrylics (especially the thicker, harder sheets that can present serious problems with other cutting systems) Foamex, Dibond, Corex, solid aluminium, hardboard, chipboard, MDF and plywood.

Both ranges offer plunge and bevel capability, built-in scales for rapid and accurate dimensioning, mid-height sheet supports for smaller work-pieces, quick and easy switching between cross and rip cutting, and compatibility with a wide range of dust-extraction units.

For more detail on the Zapkut ZK and ZM ranges, as well as the Cleankut and router head attachments, please visit www.zapkut.co.uk – watch the product videos, accessible from the Products page, to see the machines in action – or call Zapkut on 0118 970 1950.

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