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SNAPFIX launches new line of locator cups

The global supplier of letter fixings has launched a completely unique range of multi-coloured locator cups aptly named RAINBOW.

This innovative product now allows the sign maker to match their panel or letter colour to the cup fixing with a varied choice of colours, and is available in a more user friendly pack of 100 sockets in sizes Small, Medium and Large which enables the product to be used across any size range of letter.

As with the original SNAPFIX product, RAINBOW is UV stable, frost resistant and able to withstand global temperature variations and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Snapfix rainbow locator cups Mark Ashcroft, SNAPFIX Managing Director, explains the decision was made to invest in the products after multiple requests from larger clients with regard to making the locator cups stand out on certain types of designs. “The only option for the sign maker was to paint them, which is not advisable and voids the guarantee, so it was paramount from our point of view to find a solution. We now have, and this has been proved by the exceptional pre-launch orders for RAINBOW locator cups that have been placed by our clients. What then followed was a significant investment in additional equipment, research and assistance from larger material suppliers with colour matching, which has led us to produce an excellent range of colours for a product that is already a global market leader.”

New Product Line Blends Looks with Performance

A large quantity of stock in the full colour range has already been taken on by one of SNAPFIX’s major clients, leading trade supplier TRADE-LETTERS.COM, who commented they are being very well received. “In the current climate, the sign maker is looking at every possible edge to make sure their products stand out from the crowd. Utilising RAINBOW does this, as the finished product looks incredible and is a definite step in the right direction for sign makers who want to supply a quality and aesthetically pleasing product to their customers. Not only is it more cost effective than painting, it results in a superior end finish.”

Ashcroft notes that the new line was a long time in the making. “We have made a major financial investment and put a lot of time into RAINBOW, and we are extremely proud of the product,” he says. “It has been very well received within the trade as it is clearly evident there has been a gap in the market and for many years a solution to painting the cups has been much needed.”

SNAPFIX was established in 1969 when they first patented the locator fixing and now sell their fixings through a network of leading distributors in 28 different countries.

For further information or samples please call 0844 800 7866 or visit www.snapfix.com

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