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Taking the guesswork out of pre-treating and curing

Your Embroidery PreJet and Heat press. Nottinghamshire based Your Embroidery Services Ltd have launched the next step in direct to garment ink jet printing with The PreJet, which is not actually a printer but an automated way of applying the pre-treat needed to print onto coloured fabrics.

There are already various methods of applying pre-treat the most common being a spray gun such as the DTG W550 as supplied by 'YES Ltd.' But even with a professional spray gun the process still relies on the individual and is also open to outside influences. Even when done in an ideal environment a slight draft can affect the amount of, and consistency of, the coverage resulting in poor quality printing. The PreJet not only takes the guesswork out of the process but also massively reduces any possible environmental effects. The amount of pre-treat applied is carefully controlled through software ensuring that the exact amount is delivered each time. You can also create individual software environments for particular fabrics saving them for future use.

Another major advantage over the "spray gun" method is the physical area that is treated. With a spray gun it is up to the user to not only gauge the amount but also the area to be covered and this is nearly always overestimated. With The PreJet and the included software, the user can decide whether to treat a rectangular area or the exact shape of the print thereby achieving a real saving in the amount of liquid used and as the PreJet uses the same graphic file as the printer, the shape of the pre-treated area will always be accurate. Pre-treating to the outline of the design also has a further cosmetic advantage as it eliminates that slight glossy appearance where the pre-treat is not covered with the print.

This new model is available as a standalone machine or with an integrated transfer press with the latter being particularly useful for DTG machine users as they can be registered to each other. Keeping up with the print machine isn't a problem either as the PreJet is faster than the print machines so you'll never be waiting for a shirt. The system couldn't be easier. Using the same design as for the print you generate a pre-treat pattern using the special software. Once the PreJet has completed its run you cure the garment and then transfer it, platen and all, to the printer. Simple.

You can see the machine in action by visiting the website www.dtgeurope.com/Prejet.html and checking out the video at the bottom of the page.

Without a doubt the PreJet is a serious consideration for those using this technology. It takes the guesswork out of pre-treating establishing it as a controlled part of the printing process, reducing risk and ensuring accurate and successful pre-treating every time. It has never been easier or quicker to pre-treat a shirt whichever version of PreJet you go for.

For more information please contact Your Embroidery Services Ltd. on telephone 01623 863343, e-mail sales@yesltd.co.uk or visit the website at www.yesltd.co.uk

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