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Madico’s customers will like what they can’t see

Madico Graphic Films, a leading UK supplier of specialist pressure-sensitive coated film products for graphic applications, has expanded its portfolio of optically clear finishing media with the addition of new defect-free over-laminating films and doublesided mounting adhesives. As with all Madico substrates, the new product ranges benefit from clean-room manufacture, which ensures superior cleanliness and consistency to achieve optimum image vibrancy in graphic/signage applications.

"Printers and their customers will definitely like what they can't see in our new optically clear finishing media," says Andy Voss, Managing Director of Madico Graphic Films Ltd. "For major international companies, upholding brand image is vitally important, which means that printers cannot afford to ruin their high quality, vibrant output by applying a mounting film that contains dirt, dust or any other unwanted foreign particles.

"Such imperfections are invariably caused through lack of cleanliness during the substrate's production, he adds. "Our new finishing media is manufactured under clean-room conditions, which ensures the material has no defects and provides see-throughvision that is 100% perfect."

Madico's new ultra-clear over-laminating films are constructed using the finest quality components and include gloss, lustre, matt and textured films in thicknesses from 25-250 microns. In addition to superior image clarity, the new films enhance printers' graphic arts projects by delivering advanced protection and adding increased functionality. Each product is engineered to protect print and base substrates from abrasion, UV light and chemical exposure and also benefits from protection by polyester release liners to ensure superior adhesive smoothness.

As with its over-laminating films, Madico's new double-sided polyester and acrylic mounting adhesives deliver the ultimate defect-free optical mounting clarity, by ensuring optimum light transmission, low haze and minimal distortion. The new products also minimise silvering and eradicate the 'orange peel' effect for a completely glasssmooth surface, thanks to polyester release liners. New products to the range include permanent/removable films for temporary graphics, five-year 99% UV blocking films and ultra-high shear outgassingresistant adhesives for application to certain 'problem' plastics.

Madico's new double-sided mounting films are also available with permanent ultra-clear acrylic adhesives coated each side, or permanent on one side and removable on the reverse. Thanks to their diverse product attributes, the mounting films offer a number of uses in the graphics market, including the mounting of reverse printed graphics onto plastic or glass, where image clarity needs to be preserved; the creation of self-adhesive constructions from photographic or inkjet printed images; as well as the capability to enhance, protect or add functionality to the printed image itself. The products also offer increased benefit in industrial and automotive applications, such as backlit fascias, gaming machines and touchscreen displays.

For more information on Madico's optically clear finishing media, please contact +44 1628 77 77 66 or visit www.madico.co.uk

A bedroom showing Madico’s new optically clear finishing media creates superior image clarity.

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