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DTG range of ink jet printers: New white ink management system saves ink and money

The main benefit of the DTG range of ink jet printers from Your Embroidery Services Ltd is full colour printing direct on to small quantities of items such as t-shirts, and since the introduction of white ink this market has become wider and more lucrative.

Close up of DTG printer showing with and without WIMSBut the white ink brings with it a specific need for agitation in order to avoid separation, because the pigment used is heavy and liable to settle. The standard way of agitating involved invoking head cleans; as ink is used to complete the cycle, the white ink is not left standing for extended periods. The downside is that this method takes time and uses valuable ink but that could be all in the past with Your Embroidery Services introducing an all new White Ink Management System (WIMS).

WIMS takes over the control of the white ink, ensuring it is kept flowing through the machine, but the advantages do not stop there. It also produces a steadier flow of ink to the head, resulting in a more solid and consistent white layer which, in turn, results in a stronger image.

The combination of heavy ink and the more advanced Epson engines used in today's printers means that some help is needed in moving this heavy ink through the system and that is exactly what is achieved with WIMS. It uses a specialised pump system that maintains a consistent pressure that not only keeps the ink moving but, together with more complex dampers, delivers exactly the right amount of ink to the print head. A special piping system on the damper then redirects surplus ink back to the reservoir and helps eliminate waste.

DTG printer with WIMS installed.The introduction of WIMS is a real breakthrough and increases profitability of new machines in the DTG range with no reduction in speed. WIMS simply saves ink which, of course, saves money.

The good news for existing DTG owners is that the system can be retrofitted to earlier machines, giving them an instant update to the latest technology.

For the latest information about the DTG range of machines, ink and accessories contact Your Embroidery Services Ltd on 01623 863343 or visit the website www.yesltd.co.uk

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