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Polychromal's new DuraSeal printer: Top quality digital printing in aluminium

Polychromal has introduced the latest innovation in the field of printing on anodised aluminium with the new DuraSeal Printer.

The DuraSeal printer, said to be unique, provides extremely high print quality for digital production of signs, name, text and front plates. It has all the advantages of digital printing, including production of any number of copies from one to several hundred, now made faster, easier and much less expensive.

Launched very successfully at Viscom 2008 in Frankfurt, the interest in the DuraSeal printer was described as tremendous.

Using DuraSeal plates and DuraColour inks, this new aluminium printer can provide unprecedented image quality. Bright, true-to-life colours come as standard, with uniform surfaces and smooth colour gradations being no problem either. The frequent occurrence of pixilation (dithering) and stripes (banding) in blue skies or shadow effects are now a thing of the past, says Polychromal.

Polychromal Duraseal printer

Achieving these excellent results is clean and easy. A DuraSeal plate is placed on the vacuum table, the print command is given, and the plate sealed after printing. No more films or dirty hands.

The technology utilised in the DuraSeal printer is expected to bring about a shift in the market and development of the hardware and software to make the application possible took more than a year.

Eric Hensen, Commercial Director of Polychromal, based in Alkmaar, The Netherlands, says: "In 2007, we came into contact with CST in Germany and discussed our ideas about digital printing in aluminium. Using our knowledge, CST was then able to develop the DuraSeal printer. The printer is controlled by special RIP software from Colorgate. They modified their software using profiles written for our DuraSeal plates and DuraColour inks. As the expertise of specialists was used for all components, we can now offer an unprecedented level of quality. We are very enthusiastic about this."

Two models of the DuraSeal aluminium printer are available; the DS-200 for printing areas up to 2000 x 1000mm and the DS-100 for areas up to 1000 x 1000mm. Both models are supplied with a PC and the associated RIP software. Installation and training, plus a starter kit with DuraSeal aluminium plates and DuraColour inks are extra.

DuraSeal plates are highly durable, thanks to a relatively thick anodising layer of 23-25 microns, and come in silver matt, silver satin and silver glossy.

The new DuraSeal aluminium printers are supplied by Polychromal and by CST. DuraSeal plates and DuraColour inks are available from Polychromal.

To request a sample or arrange a demonstration, contact Polychromal via telephone +31 72 567 0799 or go to www.polychromal.nl

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