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Vinyl Remover - Speed up your weeding!

Close up of the rollsroller vinyl weederSigngeer can't do anything about your garden but can greatly improve your vinyl weeding times for 2016, with the new VR15 vinyl weeder. The VR15 is a 'ground breaking' tool to speed Vinyl weeding up the process of vinyl weeding by giving you an 'extra pair of hands'. Anything you normally weed by hand will be easier, quicker and more efficient with the VR15, says the company.

The VR15 Vinyl Remover works on all kinds of vinyl, including laminated prints and is even good on flexible foil like the PolyFlex 401. It's operated with a single hand driven crank and you can even pause in the middle of a job to attend other business and finish the job later.

The Vinyl Remover VR15 comes in three sizes, with a choice of working widths of up to 850mm, 1430mm and 1700mm. There is an optional Media Roller kit for easy mounting on the back of your Vinyl Remover, which is 'perfect' for holding larger rolls awaiting weeding.

The VR15 is capable of weeding away any excess film from your vinyl cut plotter or print and cut media. It is designed for easy mounting on your worktable with six screws.

Alternatively if you have a flat bed laminator such as a Rolls Roller, a magnetic adaptor is available. This enables you to easily attach the VR15 using powerful neodymium magnets without the use of screws.

Louise from Signgeer says: "Over the past 28 years in the sign trade we have seen a few vinyl weeders come and go but nothing compares with the performance of the VR15. We are absolutely delighted to be appointed sole UK distributor of the VR15 and look forward to offering the benefits and savings this tool can offer to signmakers."


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