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SAi updates mobile app for sign and wide-format businesses

A hand holding a mobile with screenshot of the softwareSA International (SAi), who provide software solutions for the professional sign making, wide-format digital printing and CAD/CAM for CNC machining industries, has updated its SAi Cloud mobile app. They say it offers sign and print business owners greater production overview and productivity management.

Working with SAi Flexi version 12, the SAi Cloud mobile app is designed to provide users with remote access to production information and job reports while away from the office. The update adds new features that include innovative smartwatch support and an informative production trends dashboard – a first of its kind for wide-format RIP software.

Smartwatch support for Apple and Android devices
Available now on the Apple Watch and Android Wear, the smartwatch support helps those using SAi Flexi to quickly view recently completed jobs, regardless of the owner’s location. This reduces the need to be in the office or workshop and enables owners to instantly update customers during on-site visits.

New production trends dashboard
Exclusively available on the mobile app, the dashboard provides an evaluation of daily production rates, along with monthly and annual totals compared to previous months, quarters and years. As well as estimated predictions on the company’s future performance.

“The nature of smart technology invariably means that, like all of us, business owners have become reliant upon it as a means of accessing information 24/7, wherever they may be,” says Dean Derhak, Senior Product Director at SAi. “A number of sign shops today are probably unaware of how their true production output is trending month-to-month. The updates to our SAi Cloud mobile app allow our customers to draw direct comparisons either weekly, monthly or annually and spot areas that could help them improve throughput.”

The free SAi Cloud app is available now in the Apple App Store and Android Google Play stores. The app works exclusively with Flexi version 12 software for wide-format print and cut production.


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