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Spandex UK adds to ImagePerfect™ Accessories

person removing film from car using IP vinyl removerNew product saves time with no need to heat and leaves no adhesive residue.

Spandex UK has expanded its ImagePerfect™ cleaning products and accessories with the addition of IP Vinyl Remover Pro.

The high performance, ready-to-use vinyl remover is easy to apply with a roller and simplifies the removal of self-adhesive vinyl from a variety of surfaces such as, vehicles, sign boxes, windows/glass surfaces, plastics, whiteboards and anodised aluminium, says the company.

IP Vinyl Remover Pro is designed to save time by removing the need to heat the vinyl and clean adhesive residue from the surface after removal. The operator applies IP Vinyl Remover Pro to the surface of the vinyl to be removed, waits 20 to 30 minutes and the vinyl will peel away in large pieces or can be jet washed off with no residue. The underlying surface should be cleaned with IP Surface Cleaner or washed with soap and water.

IP Vinyl Remover Pro is available in one and five litre bottles and can be applied using existing application equipment such as trays, foam rollers and brushes.

Executive Director of New product Development at Spandex, Roland Keller says: "We are constantly looking at new innovations that will make our customers' lives easier. With the lifecycle of many vinyl applications becoming increasingly shorter, we needed to respond to this situation with a product that would allow customers to update, or change, promotional and decorative graphics more frequently.

"Ease of use, efficiency and safety were the critical elements to consider in the development of the IP Vinyl Remover Pro, enhancing the comprehensive range of other cleaning and application fluids in our accessories range."

Roland said: "The new addition to the ImagePerfect accessories range is a unique product created by our expert team based on decades of experience with signage materials. Customers can now get the full package for vinyl graphic application and removal from Spandex."

IP Vinyl Remover Pro is classified as non-toxic, non-irritant for skin and eyes, non-hazardous for transport and non-hazardous for the environment.

ImagePerfect accessories includes IP Adhesive Remover, IP Magic Clean, IP Magic Apply, IP Surface Cleaner and ImagePerfect Cleaning Towels.


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