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Vehicle window film offers high level of glare reduction

Camper in the woods with window film installation
Now, any type of vehicle can benefit from window film installation.

In May 2018 Johnson Laminating and Coating announced availability of a commercial film with specially formulated adhesive that was safe for application on plastic surfaces. Almost immediately the company started to receive requests for an automotive version from off road enthusiasts for a dyed product that could be installed on the plastic windows of their vehicles that would offer the same glare reduction and solar properties as normal window film.

Once this new challenge was brought to the product design team they said: why not? It’s just a different raw material with the new adhesive formula.

To that end they designed an automotive product that uses a 2-ply dyed construction resulting in its newest product PlexShade 10% (PX10) available in standard automotive film sizes.

Selected solar properties on this product are visible light transmission 10% interior/ exterior reflectance 5%, glare reduction: 88% and total solar energy rejection: 41%.

Now, any type of vehicle whether its farm equipment, a motorcycle cowl, off road racer or just plain off road can benefit from window film installation. This product offers the passengers the same heat reduction and other benefits received when installing window film on a daily driver


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