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Sustainable composite fibre-board solution for visual communications

Antalis Composite fibre board being used for various POS applications
Xanita fibre-board is suitable for a wide range of decorative and structural applications including POS, shop-fit and exhibition design.

Antalis has added to its visual communications portfolio to provide customers in the UK with exclusive access to an innovative ultra-lightweight and sustainable composite fibre-board solution. Xanita board is environmentally-friendly, lightweight, strong and suitable for a wide range of decorative and structural applications including POS, shop-fit and exhibition design.

The addition of the Xanita range strengthens Antalis’ sustainable offering as the crackdown on single-use plastic continues amid growing demands from consumers for brands to provide more robust sustainable options.

Xanita board is made from 100% post-consumer kraft and sugar cane waste in the core and is fully recyclable and repulpable alongside normal paper waste. Plastic-free, it uses VOC-free adhesives, FSC sourced liners and is ECF certified; all materials in the board are non-toxic.

In addition, Xanita board is practical and functional for visual communication applications, particularly the retail sector. Where MDF or honeycomb boards may typically be used in retail fit-outs, Xanita offers a credible alternative being a quarter of the weight of MDF while remaining significantly stronger than honeycomb boards. This allows for faster installation and reduced health and safety risks and is much easier to transport to site. Due to its closed-cell core the Xanita board offers superior crush resistance, making it a viable alternative to honeycomb boards, which have a much more open cell and therefore less stable and prone to damage and warping. Excellent moisture resistance makes it ideal for use in indoor hanging signage where flatness can be an issue when using other boards.

Paul Neale, visual communications product manager for rigid & synthetic sheets comments: “The launch of Xanita within our visual communication portfolio is an exceptional offering for our customers and we are thrilled to pick up the sustainability mantle and be the first in the UK to bring this innovative product to the market. At this turning point, with the spotlight firmly on the importance of sustainable options and the move away from plastic, the benefits delivered through Xanita board’s sustainability and strength makes it an ideal solution for a wide range of signage and display applications.

“We are expecting an incredibly positive response from our customers who are under pressure to go plastic-free and opt for sustainable visual applications that don’t compromise on quality.”

Xanita board is available in a range of specifications and flexible size options, along with a wide selection of cut file designs to choose from on demand.


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