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Ultimate precision with upgraded cutters from Graphtec GB

A Graphtec CE5000 vinyl cutter A Graphtec FC8000-130 series

Precise cutting of sign and graphics materials has been taken to a new level in terms of quality and value for money with the upgraded cutters now available from Graphtec GB. Letters as small as three millimetres can now be produced and cutting speeds of up to 600mm are now possible on even the most demanding materials. These include rhinestone template, printable heat transfer, flock and flex materials as well as vinyl, paper and card.

Significantly, all Graphtec cutters now incorporate the company’s proprietary ARMS 4.0 (Advanced Registration Mark System). This provides four-point registration rather than three, leading to higher productivity levels, improved ease of operation and ultimate precision.

Four-point registration mark sensing and two-axes correction ensures high-precision cutting on images that may have been distorted during the printing process. Since all registration marks are detected automatically, there is no need to move the sensor to the first registration mark and subsequent registration marks are automatically re-detected if a sensing error does occur.

The ARMS advancement is now available on both Graphtec’s flagship FC8000 Series and the budget-priced CE5000 Series of cutting plotters. Significantly, however, in spite of the price difference the CE5000 Series incorporates many of the features of the higher-end FC8000 Series but is available at a price range starting at just £1,145. With the CE5000 Series, however, sign and graphics companies now have a cutting solution that has been designed to help smaller companies grow via cutting plotter technology without the need for a big up-front investment.

The FC8000 Series is designed to accommodate higher productivity levels at a maximum speed of 1,485mm/sec, making it ‘the fastest in class’ cutting plotter currently available. It also has an enhanced 600gf cutting force and a maximum cut area of 610mm x 50m as well as an ability to cut media up to a thickness of one millimetre. The CE5000 Series operates at speeds of up to 1,000mm/sec, has acceleration of 21.2mm/sec and shares the same cutting force as the FC8000 Series. The machine has a maximum cut area of 603mm x 50m and will accommodate materials up to a thickness of 0.25mm.

Graphtec cutters are rightly claimed to be big on features but comparatively low on cost. They offer an ability to cut materials used in print wear production in both the thinnest and thickest materials likely to be encountered and via the upgraded ARMS facility at unprecedented levels of precision.

In a further advancement, Graphtec GB has announced that as from 1 August the two-year warranty on the FC8000 has been extended to three years. Buyers of these cutters will also benefit by the introduction by Graphtec GB of an exclusive 12-month interest-free offer.

For further information, visit www.graphtecgb.com

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