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Kornit Digital direct-to-garment printing systems

Kornit Storm Hexa printerKornit Digital has launched two new direct-to-garment printing systems at Fespa.

The new printers are part of Kornit’s platform of Storm systems, which in more than ten years, have earned a reputation as solid and reliable industrial systems with high effective throughput, says the company.

The new Kornit Storm Hexa and Kornit Storm 1000 have been equipped with 'state-of-the-art' inkjet technology to turn them into the 'most advanced' industrial direct-to-garment printing systems for medium-size businesses. Their features include a recirculating ink system to reduce ink consumption and to further optimise reliability; as well as a doubled number of nozzles to increase productivity of up to 40 per cent over previous Storm configurations.

The Storm 1000 is the standard configuration of the new product family and features 12 print heads in a CMYK and white configuration. It produces up to 170 garments per hour in high productivity mode, including inline pretreatment. It covers a print area of up to 50 x 70 cm / 20 x 28 in.

The new Storm Hexa is equipped with 16 print heads and two additional colors for full CMYK, red, green and white support. It is the system of choice for colour conscious applications such as the production of promotional and brand related garments. It also can produce up to 170 garments per hour in high productivity mode.

Both systems are based on Kornit’s unique NeoPigmentTM printing process. They have features such as a built-in pretreatment system; a quick replace pallet mechanism; a four-litre bulk ink system; an integrated humidity system; and a backup power system for a quick start system start. All Kornit printing systems are compatible with a variety of fabrics such as cotton, polyester, blends, denim, silk and wool and are geared towards industrial mass customisation applications.

Guy Zimmerman, Kornit’s Vice President of Marketing Business Development, said: “The Storm series of direct-to-garment systems have been Kornit’s signature product for more than a decade. The Storm II is the best-selling industrial direct-to-garment printing system in the market. Launching a new and improved generation of it is great opportunity to further improve the efficiency and performance of our industrial systems. The new Storm configurations show drastically improved throughput and further reductions in ink consumption, as well as excellent print quality."


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