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Translucent hanging solution creates ‘floating’ effect

  Translucent hanging solution
Easy one-step adjustment significantly reduces the time required to work at height, offering major safety advantages

UK manufacturer Gripple has introduced “the industry’s first translucent hanger solution for the discreet suspension of retail signage, decorations, acoustic panels and lighting”.

InvisiGrip’s patented mechanism uses a clear filament to create a ‘floating’ effect and comes in ready-to-use kits, eliminating the need for steel wire and metal hooks. The system has a 5kg safe working load per suspension point and can loop through or around most objects.

A simple twist release unlocks both channels at once and easy one-step adjustment which significantly reduces the time required to work at height and so has major safety advantages.

Product manager Will Anderson explains: “This latest innovation was born from a customer request for a clear version of one of our existing suspension products to improve the aesthetics of their displays and signage. We developed a totally new product that combines the qualities needed for discreet signage that doesn’t detract attention from decorative signs and lighting but retains the efficacy of a strong and trustworthy suspension system.

“As time and labour saving is at the forefront of everything we do, we set about developing a solution which uses a strong translucent filament that allows light and colour to travel through the device and uses a gripping mechanism which doesn’t compromise the filament and retains security and longevity. This product fills a need for versatile, simple to use, easily adjustable, quick change solutions needed in the fast-paced retail, leisure and office environment where displays are frequently changed and we believe this is the first of its kind on the market.”


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