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Software delivers smoother workflow

Computer showing the sidekick app.
SAi SideKickallows users to track jobs through various production stages.
Hand holding a phone wit the app Sidekick.

SA International (SAi) has announced the availability of SideKick, a convenient and easy-to-use job organisation tool that helps sign and large format print businesses to effortlessly manage their end-to-end production operations, from quote creation to invoicing.

SideKick comes loaded with a database of predefined products and finishing options including average industry costs, to rapidly and accurately configure pricing, while factoring in materials, labour, commissions, discounts and taxes. Users can tailor pricing for their own business.

Via an intuitive quoting system, sign shops and large format print providers can quickly create professional and personalised PDF job quotes to send to customers within a few minutes, based on size, quantity and finishing of the product. Thereafter, SideKick allows users to organise account contacts,convert quotes into orders with one click and track jobs through various production stages. This enables jobs to be rapidly exported into the invoicing process so that payments are made quicker and cashflow is improved.

“No one likes doing paperwork but it’s necessary if you’re running a business,”says VP marketing Annette Plummer. “Our smaller customers, in particular, frequently tell us that administrative tasks are the most time-consuming part of their jobs. SAi SideKick ensures hassle-free shop management at a low monthly operating cost. The result is a more streamlined administrative process that ultimately saves time.”

Accessible via monthly or annual subscription to existing SAi users, SideKick functions as a standalone tool independent of both SAi’s Flexi signmaking and EnRoute CNC CAD/CAM software solutions. Customers accessing Flexi or EnRoute on a subscription basis can take advantage of a preferential pricing structure when subscribing to SideKick which can can be purchased directly by visiting: www.thinksai.com/en-eu/products/sidekick


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