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Trade-in program for spectrophotometers

Techkon spectrodens spectrophotometers device
To match requirements and budget, the device is available in three versions.

TECHKON is offering a trade-in program for SpectroDens spectrophotometers until 30 June 2019. Customers can receive a discount of up to 600 Euro for the Premium and up to 500 Euro for the Advanced version. TECHKON or competitor’s colour measurement devices are accepted. The SpectroDens series makes colour measurements “quick and easy, solving the widespread problem of measuring and matching colours on various substrates and surfaces”.

In addition to 1 second measurement time and high accuracy, the SpectroDens instrument offers customers to measure with standard light conditions by supporting all measuring conditions inclusive of M1. This device is fully compliant with ISO 13655:2009 measurement standards to fulfil the requirements of matching proof to press across many substrates. SpectroDens devices offer measurements of M0, M1, M2 and M3; an integrated scanning function for up to 200 patches/40 inches; support of CxF standard for easy data exchange colour display, offering intuitive controls minimising the time for operators to learn the instrument. The InkCheck function quickly and easily determines adjustment recommendations and if operators can achieve satisfactory matches; automatic detection of patch types (solid, paper, half tone, grey balance) avoids operator error and speed measurements; while integrated tools determine at a glance if materials are within variety of standards (ISO, G7, PSO) as well as in-house standards/processes.

To match company’s requirements and budget, the SpectroDens device is available in three versions. The spectrophotometer is able to work seamlessly with powerful software solutions for the printing industry including TECHKON SpectroConnect, ExPresso, ChromaQA supporting Pantone LIVE and Matchmycolor Ink Formulation Colibri.


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