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Coating improves surface finish performance

ITC coatings on metal objects

ITC has introduced its knife tool regrinding service alongside the new IRIDIS coated line of tools said to deliver unprecedented tool life and surface finish performance on aluminium and aluminium composite materials (ACM).

“We have been trialling the new IRIDIS coating technology in our test facility as well as conducting industrial trials with customers and the results are impressive and conclusive,” says ITC’s Sally Hunt. “On aluminium and ACM materials we are significantly improving tool life, performance and consistency. In trials with customers, the new tools are improving tool life from 30 to 50%. Additionally, the already impressive surface finishes from effectivelyour tools has been further improved by the new coating technology.”

The IRIDIS coating technology has now been added to ITC’s most popular tooling ranges including the 180 A-Series and STA series of standard and balanced routing tools.

ITC is ramping up its support network, expanding its regrinding service for its knife blade product lines.


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