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Full colour printing on nylon with TheMagicTouch

A nylon jacket with transfer printing on it.Over the past few years there has been a dramatic increase in the number of workwear and promotional garments being produced within the sign industry as demand for a wider choice of printable garment colours and styles from customers continues.

The market is changing, as are attitudes and perception towards transfer technology, with a realisation that TheMagicTouch image transfer process assists in creating new business and marketing opportunity. There are a myriad of different solutions available for full colour transfer printing on dark garments, all options seem to have their unique differences but vary dramatically in quality, speed and price.

TheMagicTouch offers the affordable Award Winning WoW transfer paper for full colour printing onto almost all fabric types regardless of fabric colour. The latest addition to the printable range is that of nylon considered by many as the "Holy Grail" of full colour transfer printing. The process involves no cutting or weeding and offers flexibility on transfer positioning, even on sleeves and collars.

The WoW transfer durability is beyond all expectations previously achieved with full colour transfers. The toner-based colour printers used to produce the WoW transfers are available for a few hundred pounds with a typical full colour breast logo costing less than 50p each to produce.

The bottom line is simple, once you see, touch and feel the WoW transfer and consider the options, WoW is the perfect in-expensive solution to the growing market of short-run full colour dark colour garment decoration. In a production environment an operator can easily produce in excess of 45 garments per hour, therefore looking at the modular expansion, the more presses the more garments.

For further information or samples contact is via www.themagictouch.co.uk or tel. 01582 671444.

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