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Tekcel routers set new benchmark

Tekcel CNC Solutions has recently announced the availability of several additions to its range of class leading CNC routers, including the new VSE, VSR, EXR and EXL models.

Tekcel CNC routers are highly regarded and have become the natural choice for hundreds of sign, display and exhibition companies in the UK over the past eight years or so. Recent additions to this ever increasing ‘Tekcel Owners Club' include Ringway Signs Ltd, famously responsible for manufacturing a considerable amount of the UK's road traffic signs.

The new models in the Tekcel router range have been designed to offer the precision, productivity and reliability long associated with the Tekcel name to a much broader audience. In keeping with the Tekcel manufacturing ethos of ‘only the best will do', the new Tekcel routers feature ballscrew drives on all axis complete with servo motors and digital encoders that deliver ‘closed loop' motion control. All Tekcel routers are fitted with micro switch pads to accurately sense tool lengths for precise cutting depths, essential for inlay work and folding ACM trays.

Tekcel routers are now available in a number of manual tool change and auto tool change configurations. Both systems are equally capable of dealing with the huge variety of material types, plastics, metals, ACMs and woods commonly used throughout the industry. The manual tool change systems feature a versatile 7hp HSD spindle motor that has ceramic bearings and electric fan cooling for a longer working life.


The auto tool change options are based on a powerful 10hp HSD motor with ceramic bearings and electric fan cooling. The VSR range provides tool changing via a static rack, whereas the E series has a pneumatic rack that conceals up to 16 tools and pops up from the front of the router bed when needed.

According to Julian Sage, Sales Director at Tekcel, "The new additions to our range of Tekcel routers really do set a new benchmark for cnc routers in the sign and display industry. We unveiled the first of the new models at Sign UK this year and a visitor wrote out a cheque for one right there and then. I've been involved in the sale of routers at Sign UK for the past 15 years and I've taken plenty of orders but that was the first time I've ever been handed a cheque on the stand. It did cross my mind to ask ... should I wrap it or will you take it now?"

Other new developments include automation facilities to control the vacuum bed and dust extraction system. Tekcel's popular interface with its user friendly joystick control has been redesigned and is now podium mounted as standard. The new Tekcel routers have a hole and pocket vacuum bed system that can be skimmed repeatedly to provide an absolutely level surface for accurate cutting. A new aluminium slat profile and manifold system delivers truly exceptional hold down suction across all areas of the bed. The new Tekcel router range also offers a range of popular bed sizes all the way up to 4m x 2m as standard. Tekcel CNC Solutions is also capable of delivering custom solutions for companies with specific requirements that fall outside its current model range.

For further information, call Tekcel CNC Solutions on 01275 342 668. Alternatively, visit www.tekcelcnc.com

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