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Tekcel Router: Ace Signs Group invests in new Tekcel router

AceSigns Premises Ace Signs Group (ASG), one of the UK’s leading sign and display companies, has expanded its production capacity even further with the addition of a new Tekcel 3m x 2m router to the CNC routing department at its Head Quarters in Basildon, Essex.

Managing major sign projects for national and international brands from the automotive, corporate, financial, leisure and retail sectors, ASG has a proven track record of delivering innovative signing solutions on time within budget. Key to this success has been ASG’s ability to identify the production technologies that build quality in and take cost out of the manufacturing process.

Tekcel Router in use by operator at Ace SignsAccording to Mick Baker, ASG’s Technology Manager, the recent installation of a Tekcel 3m x 2m router, complete with 18 capacity Auto Tool Change (ATC), Auto Tool Length Sensing (ATLS) and Auto Material Registration (AMR) is definitely living up to its reputation as a heavy duty, high production system.

"Our operators love the new router, in fact, its speed, accuracy and quality of cut has impressed everyone here at ASG. Replacing our old router with the Tekcel ATC system has slashed machining times by as much as 50%, particularly on jobs involving clean outs and inlays. The router power we now have on tap lets us cut in far fewer passes on thicker materials and that’s saving us even more time."

To create space for the installation of the new Tekcel router, Tekcel engineers were asked to dismantle one of ASG’s old Gerber routers and re-commission it at ASG’s second manufacturing site in Warwickshire. The installation of the Tekcel router and relocation of the old router was completed in just two days. All part of the service as Tekcel’s Julian Sage explained.

"We work hard to provide a comprehensive CNC router solution for our customers, whatever their individual system requirements may be. In this case, it was no problem for Tekcel to deal with the relocation and reinstatement of ASG’s old Gerber router. Our engineers can call upon a very broad range of skills and cnc router experience."

To minimise any disruption to production at ASG, full software, hardware and general maintenance training was completed onsite, a service that Tekcel provides at no additional cost.

Tekcel Router 3mx2m.Mick Baker concludes: "Thanks to the quality of the training and the user friendly nature of the new Tekcel router itself, our operators were contributing to the general throughput of sign work in the business from day one."

The new Tekcel router is now very much at the heart of CNC production at ASG, producing everything from lettering and fascias in acrylic and stainless steel to folded sign trays in aluminium and ACM.

For further information contact Tekcel CNC Solutions on 01275 342 668 or Ace Signs Group on 01268 706 800.

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