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Tecman - Providing bonding solutions to the sign industry

Roll of Tecman foamed acrylic tape.

Having worked alongside the sign industry for over 20 years, Tecman has fine-tuned its range of adhesive tapes to offer innovative products that combine best performance with the most cost effective solution. This includes products from well known brands such as Tesa, Scapa and 3M as well as developing their own brand, Bond44.

Some of Tecman's most exciting developments are within the foamed acrylic range - tapes that are designed to replace spot welds and rivets. These new generation foamed acrylics are designed to bond at temperatures below freezing and others designed to bond low surface energy plastics.

Tecman believe it's vital to understand the technology behind each adhesive tape, along with knowledge of the materials and methods used in today's sign industry. Kevin Porter, UK Manager explains: "Tecman are not just about distributing tape, we provide a complete bonding solution for businesses. We get a clear, practical understanding of a project and then our trained technicians select the most effective bonding solution. It requires an in depth knowledge of today's materials and manufacturing methodology along with an understanding of our products and the way they perform."

To discuss your bonding requirements or request a quote or free product samples, telephone the Tecman Customer Service Team on 01451 830044 or visit the website www.tecmansm.co.uk

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