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Metamark MDP-H now available in more widths

Metamark MDP-H vinyl on a CanoeMetamark MDP-H, like any Metamark media that's part of the company's digital portfolio, prints brilliantly whether using solvent, EcoSolvent, UV or Latex ink. All MD class materials have a generous appetite for ink so liberating more of the printer's available gamut and they dry easily too. Where Metamark MDP-H presses home a distinct advantage is in the area of applications it can address.

Metamark MDP-H features a novel adhesive system that's expressly formulated to be broadly compatible with so-called apolar, or low energy surfaces that are known to challenge conventional adhesive. Products and substrates featuring low energy surfaces are commonly encountered. Moulded wheeled bins, re-cycling receptacles and sports goods such as canoes are among the most frequently seen.

A typical self adhesive material applied to such a surface will, in a short time, react with the plastics and plasticisers present causing the face film to shrink. This leaves an exposed outline of adhesive that soon picks up dirt and lint and mars the result. Metamark MDP-H builds to a tight ultimate bond and doesn't shrink back so its adhesive stays exactly where it's supposed to be - under the super-white, 100 micron face film.

Metamark MDP-H is now available in 760, 1370 and 1600mm widths. Samples are available free upon request from sales@metamark.co.uk

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