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Summa basket for F1612 cutting table

Summa F1612 cutting table with a BasketSumma has recently released a basket for its F1612 cutting table. The basket is specially developed to capture the cut-out samples and the waste material from the F1612 in order to keep the workspace clean.

The F1612's basket is a separate unit mounted on sturdy rollers, so it can be easily moved around. It also includes magnets to keep the trolley in position when placed in front of the cutting table.

The basket can be placed in different positions and the front part can be tilted to make the cutting table easily accessible for the operator. The front bar can also be moved to a lower position. This way the content of the basket moves up and can be easily reached. To carry and idle it completely, the basket can also be taken out.

For further information visit www.summa.eu

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