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Stock & Roll arrives in the UK

Stock & Roll arrives to the UK with the ambition to win the British market thanks to its innovative products and with the objective to show all the advantages of its different and innovative supports.

Once out of their packaging, the storage of rolls is often problematic.

In addition, the weight, the clutter and the lack of protection of the rolls complicate their handling.

The observation of working methods in digital print workshops led the French company Stock & Roll to think of a solution with no constraints. Key words of this optimal solution are "Ergonomics and Productivity".

Unlike many others roll systems which are too voluminous, heavy to move, impractical and not ergonomic, the Stock and Roll support is a complete solution to solve storing and transporting large-format rolls problems. The Stock & Roll is both compact and very mobile. Thanks to its patented reel holding system, it ensures a safe movement in your workshop.

With Stock & Roll, your rolls are clean and protected, better stored, and easier to handle.

    Its main characteristics:
  • Versatile: Designed for 2" and 3" cores
  • Identification: Designated location on it
  • Mobile: 6 High-performance wheels
  • Compact: The Stock & Roll has a small 60cm base
  • Reliability: Excellent weight/resistance ratio
  • Simple: One hand Blocking system
  • Safety: Patented holding system for 6 rolls




 JOHN S. Luxe Auto Concepts Shreveport (USA)

"Luxe Auto Concepts isn't your average sign or wrap shop.  We are constantly pushing the envelope with vinyl products in the automotive space and have even invented our own vinyl film LightWrap. We use many different types of vinyl in our various products, and the stations for different manufacturing steps are spread out and sometimes in different rooms. The Stock & Roll units have increased our efficiency by allowing the vinyl to be moved from station to station with better tracking and less physical work for the employee. We replaced a few wall units that held the vinyl horizontally with the Stock & Wall units, and the simple fact that there isn't a dowel rod to remove from the vinyl has been a huge improvement. The only thing I wish is that I had more of them!"


“The Stock&Roll turns the difficult task of moving heavy, unwieldy rolls of media into an easy task that no one dreads anymore. Even with one roll, the unit is very sturdy and doesn't tip over. Great product ! 

Rob . H CSI Alexandria (USA)

“The stock and roll products are well-engineered and well thought-out. I’m not sure why a simple, easy-to-use product like this isn’t available here in the US, but I’m glad they were able to ship to us. Moving rolls around the shop has never been easier!“

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