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Spandex UK launches ROLLSROLLER® Light Flatbed Applicator

Spandex ROLLSROLLER flatbed applicatorSpandex, supplier of leading brands for graphical solutions, has launched the new ROLLSROLLER® Light Flatbed Applicator series. This is a highly versatile and time-saving print finishing and laminating solution used for a multitude of self-adhesive material applications, according to the company.

The new series, which has a lower price point than the existing range, comes 'flat packed' making it accessible to a large number of printers and signmakers that do not have workshops with large doors and corridors. It offers the same high productivity as the existing range of applicators, by enabling one operator to apply up to 80m² of graphics in just one hour.

Leon Watson, Spandex General Manager said; "We listened to many of our customers who really wanted to reap the benefits of the existing applicator but could not purchase it for practical reasons. With the new ROLLSROLLER® Light, any sign making business of any size can now consider handling these finishing and laminating processes in house, to improve total job turnaround time and profitability."

The ROLLSROLLER® series applicators are used to apply all types of self-adhesive materials and laminates to flexible and rigid materials up to 6cm thick. Typical applications include banners, signs, road signs and glass application. Due to its easy operation and short learning curve, operators can be up and running in less than one hour.

The ROLLSROLLER® Light incorporates a table made of aluminium composite, covered with a self-healing cutting mat and control sticks at each end of the applicator beam. The table is available in two lengths: 2800mm and 3400mm.


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