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Sihl Direct UK Introduces Backlit Films for Latex Printing

Designed specifically for use with latex inks, Sihl Direct UK has introduced two new polyester films - the Vivalux Backlit Latex 125 matt 3746, and the Vivalux Backlit Heavy Latex 200 matt 3747. Both Medias have the same coating but a much thicker polyester film is used with the Latex 200 allowing better handling.


Ian Turnbull, Operations Director at Sihl Direct UK, says: "The introduction of latex inks has generated new printing opportunities for the indoor and outdoor large format market. However, the existing print media was letting the new inks down, mainly because the latex inks needed to be hardened at temperatures of up to 100 degrees. For most media, this temperature results in a finished product that is wavy or crinkled."

"This issue has driven the need for the development of a polyester film capable of withstanding the high temperatures without becoming wavy. We have spent a lot of time and effort developing new print media that work with the latex inks, and we are delighted with the new Vivalux Backlit films. Images printed using this media has a very high colour density and brilliance, is very durable and is waterproof, perfect for use indoors but also outdoors," Turnbull adds.

The Vivalux range of Backlit films for Latex inks is available immediately from Sihl Direct UK and authorised resellers.

For more information please call 0161 927 9051 or visit www.sihl-direct.co.uk

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