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Signs to reduce risk of infection

Taktyle Braille Toilet Sign

A leading UK manufacturer of health and safety signs, Spectrum Industrial, has released a revolutionary change to the Taktyle® Braille sign. Die moulded from a single piece, Taktyle has been developed to minimise the transfer of bacterial infection through its use.

The Taktyle Braille sign is constructed from a highly durable polyester sheet. Screen printed on the reverse and vacuum formed to create the raised pictogram, patent protected locating ring and braille dot height, the material and mould combine to ensure an accurate translation of the message through finger touch, movement and pressure. Similarly, for the sighted and visually impaired alike, the signs also deliver clear, effective messaging.

While the quality of the sign has resulted in its specification for many different environments from supermarkets and fast food outlets, Taktyle meets stringent FDA and EEC food regulations, to leisure, education and healthcare, the latter provided the inspiration for further product development.

Paul Kantecki, Managing Director of Spectrum Industrial, has been working with a number of Primary Care Trusts to develop a range of biosign® products to both help raise awareness and reduce the risk of bacteria related infections, a healthcare priority. Independent tests have subsequently shown that the biosign anti-microbial range provides active hygienic protection and eliminates harmful microbes within 24 hours, including MRSA and E-coli.

The biosign technology utilises silver which is widely accepted as an additive having broad spectrum anti-microbial activity.

"Products showing the biosign mark contain high levels of silver ions which they release at a very low, controlled rate. The low release rate is dependent upon the bacterial challenge present and ensures they retain their efficancy for the lifetime of the product" says Paul.

Re-branded Taktyle Hygienic™, the company believe they have the only braille sign on the market that is anti-microbial and as a standard product comes at no additional cost.

Being extremely resistant to chemicals and anti-bacterial cleaning agents, the product is also very low maintenance. With a smooth surface, low profile and edge-to-edge seal against the wall, the product can be easily wiped clean in seconds or withstand deep clean methods. Paul says quite simply, that "Taktyle Hygienic is cleaner, safer and more hygienic to use."

For further information visit www.spectrumsigns.co.uk

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