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Signgeer introduces Scrapewing

Scrapewing tool from Signgeer
In this issue of Sign Update, Signgeer have kindly included one of their standard range Scrapewings to try out in support of the Sign Tools feature this month.
Scrapewing tool from Signgeer

There’s a new hero in town and every time a new character arrives in Signgeers Printropolis, a brand-new product line comes with them. This time they welcome Scrapewing, a revolutionary new 4 sided, ergonomically designed scraper with optional soft touch grip.

If you’ve ever stripped a vehicle, you’ll know how it difficult it can be and going through handfuls of tiny blades isn’t exactly forgiving on the hands. Signgeer aims to remedy this with their new design.

It’s great for removing pressure sensitive materials such as vinyl and tapes from a wide range of surfaces including metal, paint, plastic, glass and more with a greatly reduced risk of scratching in comparison to metal blades.

Featuring four edges for longevity of use the scrape wing saves time spent changing blades in comparison to traditional double-edged blades. Each corner has a different angle, allowing you to get into almost any area with ease. This fusion of curved and straight edges provides you with the ultimate tool for maximum leverage on any removal job.

No bigger than 45mm square, this handy little scraper is extremely ergonomic and fits comfortably in any sized hand. The back of the Scrapewing is totally flat, allowing you to get right up underneath the material to be removed with ease.

Available in a choice of shores to suit any application, the green Scrapewing is a general purpose soft and pliable tool which is great for removing adhesives, labels and stickers, vinyl graphics and lettering, window films, bug and grime build up on vehicles prior to signwriting. Use on curved panels as well as rigid. The blue Scrapewing is rigid and again safe for almost any surface, and although it is a medium shore is still pliable but will maintain its edge for longer than the green, recommended for flat or slightly curved surfaces. The white scrapewing is Teflon and has the highest chemical resistance and is our most rigid Scrapewing. This rigidity makes it highly suited for hard, flat surfaces such as glass, windows, unfinished wood and rigid surfaces.

For those of you who like the finer things in life, we went that extra mile and created the Soft Grip edition. The Soft Grip has a comfort grip infill on the front for next level ergonomics. Reduced fatigue and more comfortable working. Particularly good when working with glue removers or vinyl removal fluids for enhanced grip and in turn, better pressure.

Each Scapewing material has been specially sourced and carefully tested to suit different surfaces and withstand the effects of glue and vinyl removal fluids used in the sign industry.


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