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SignClip TF - More sales so lower price

SignClip TF attaching board to pole SignClip TF attached to corrugated plastic

SignClip TF, introduced at Sign & Digital UK in 2012 is going 'from strength to strength'.
Designed for the temporary and disposable sign markets, this innovative clip firmly fixes corrugated plastic signs to poles, and solves the problems associated with the self inflicted damage of cable-tie fixing.

Sales of this recent UK invention have reached levels which allow the manufacturer to scale up mould outputs to high hourly volumes. This substantially reduces the unit cost, allowing Wyzrds to pass on the savings to the customer through a real price reduction. TF clips will now be available at 20p each.

According to Managing Director Pat Lennard: "Twinflute has long been the perfect low-cost material for temporary signage, yet there has been no tool available for flat fixing a board to a pole. SignClip TF was deigned for exactly this job.

Like the "Tetra pak" milk carton, this is very much the kind of product which should sell in tens of thousands at an attractively low price and relies on volumes for its profitability. We are determined to do our part and keep prices as keen as possible to encourage volume sales. This will give sign makers a great opportunity to extend their professional service with a new profit centre.

We are optimistic the SignClip TF will become the every-day fixing method of choice for sign makers and their customers. "

Outside the UK, SignClip is going international and is about to be launched in North America.


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