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New adhesive for any surface

Sign-Bonder-adhesiveOver the last eight years Indasol have established a wide range of products primarily designed for the sign maker or fabricator. They are now concentrating on  increasing their range of products with the sign fitter in mind and have launched  Indasol Sign-bonder.

Signbonder is a fast cure, instant 'grab', load bearing adhesive that can be used internally or externally and applied even in the rain.
It was designed as a "fix all" type of adhesive as many fitters have complained in the past that they often need to be able to bond to a variety of surfaces. And quite often do not know until they get to site what they are bonding to! Sign-bonder will bond to brick, concrete, wood, metals and composite panels and most surfaces with an instant (no slip) grab.

Indasol have always tried to offer true "problem solving solutions" for the sign companies and they believe Signbonder fits that description due to its versatility and ease of use.


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