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PVC free paint stencil films

PVC-free-stencil-filmsDoro Tape UK Ltd, who supply a popular range of PVC paint stencil films to signmakers, paint shops and shop fitters, have introduced three paper alternatives that are PVC free.

The new paper stencil films, manufactured by the German company Regulus, come in three different types; Standard paper with a medium tack adhesive; Special paper - similar to the standard paper with a higher tack adhesive; and a Premium paper, medium tack adhesive that is resistant against solvent paints. All the films are easy to weed and have excellent lay flat properties, which means no edge curl even after a long drying time. This results in perfectly crisp edges with residue free removal. It also allows you to apply several layers at one time, which is not possible with PVC films.

Paper stencil films are ideal for small letters and fine shapes, excellent for creating very sharp edges, and can be recycled.


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