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Professional sign fixing products from Indasol

A collection of sign fixing productsIndasol understand the importance of using the right product first time every time and are 'well versed' in the range of different materials encountered by the sign maker. Not only the materials for making the signs, but also the many varied surfaces they have to fix to.

So their range of specialist fixing adhesives, tapes, foams and UHB structural products offer the sign installer 100 per cent confidence in every fixing, according to the company.

A spokesperson said: "Every installation can be very different, for example fixing a Di Bond sign to a brick wall may sound simple enough, but use the wrong product and it could be a disaster. That's why we formulated SIGNBONDER - The one for all adhesive.

"The same is true for mounting a directional or traffic sign, using a cheap UHB copy or general purpose foam is a mistake. And as such our UHB range has been enhanced over the years to include a range of thicknesses and colours to suit every need."

Whilst using the right product is imperative, they say that so is making sure the surfaces are clean and dry. They have a range of specialist cleaners and primers designed to make installation perfect onto any surface. SIGNBONDER is the exception as this product can work straight onto wet surfaces, which 'saves time and money'.

Some installations are a lot simpler and their general purpose sign fixing tapes, adhesives and foams are ideal for these jobs. Such as nameplates to doors and walls, and foamex to walls.

According to the company, they are happy to provide free of charge on site technical advice, their free sign focused booklet and assist you every step of the way to make sure your installation is 'perfect first time, every time'.


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