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Sign and Digital UK - The value of an ABC audit.

A busy exhibition Sign & Digital UK is the leading trade show for the UK visual communications industry. Sign & Digital UK maintains its commitment to an ABC audited status as it moves into 2009 - a status that has been maintained for many years now.

"An excellent relationship between an organiser and their exhibitors is perhaps the most fundamental part of putting on a successful trade show", comments Alan Caddick, marketing manager at Sign & Digital UK. "And as we all know, key to a fruitful relationship is trust.

Exhibitors trust us to be able to deliver the quantity and quality of visitors to the show, and over the last 21 years Sign & Digital UK has consistently delivered on this trust."

As an ABC audited event, Sign & Digital UK offers exhibitors un-rivalled confidence in its ability to attract visitors, as the confirmed 2008 visitor figures of 9,048* clearly demonstrate.

Jan Pitt, director of exhibitions, ABC, comments: "We are delighted that Sign and Digital UK is committed to independent audits of their events from ABC. In doing so they are providing independent, transparent and trusted figures. In today’s current market conditions, it is absolutely vital that organisers can provide succinct visitor data to exhibitors."

As the economic climate continues to put pressure on businesses across all industries, it becomes even more important that you make the very most of every expenditure, and that includes trade shows.

With six months to go until the show, demand for space is at record levels, with over 80% of stand space already booked. Contact the Sign & Digital UK team now to discuss your business’ requirements.

*ABC audited visitor figures comprise 7,645 registered visitors, and 1,403 others made up of exhibitors, VIP’s, press and others.

For further information on exhibiting visit the website www.signanddigitaluk.com or email signanddigitaluk@fav-house.com

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