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Shuttleworth launches MIS V5.1 and Shuttleworth Plus

Shuttleworth Business Systems has launched MIS (Management Information System) version 5.1 at key User Meetings held in June and July 2012. Version 5.1 includes 'Business Intelligence'. Shuttleworth also took this opportunity to introduce 'Shuttleworth Plus', a brand new division aimed specifically at customer bespoke developments.

Version 5.1, incorporating 'Shuttleworth Business Intelligence', is simply, 'beyond traditional dashboard technology', according to Paul Deane, Joint MD at Shuttleworth. This Free Upgrade gives a fantastic set of innovative tools including enhanced Dashboards, Customer Specific KPI's, User Definable Reporting, Executive Analysis, Web Based Reporting together with Mobile Apps; all aimed at helping customers to fully release the power of their Shuttleworth MIS.Shuttleworth's Joint MD Paul Deane

With a new user interface based on an Outlook style, makes the software easier and intuitive to use whilst providing a customisable view for each user. The interface also includes a drag and drop capability from Outlook.

Shuttleworth used the User Meetings to introduce its exciting new division 'Shuttleworth Plus', dedicated to delivering 'Bespoke Development Solutions' which include Reports, Dashboards, Mobile Apps and much more.

Paul says: "To do our job well, and provide a system that is as effective as it can be, we needed a dedicated resource to provide unique solutions to specific requests, as no two businesses or requirements are the same." Shuttleworth Plus is a partnership approach, which will help any MIS user to grow and evolve their MIS systems in line with their exacting business needs. Shuttleworth Plus can assist developments not only to Shuttleworth systems but to any brand of MIS system, regardless of present supplier.

Paul concludes: "We are excited about the new v5.1 as it offers an end-to-end MIS for printers of all types and sizes. There are many challenges facing printers today and critical to the success of any modern business, is the need to add value to the supply chain and to deliver a world class customer service. We believe that v5.1 can provide the tools our users need to increase performance and profitability. Shuttleworth Plus is for any MIS user with a need for a specific, more focused and bespoke development and will provide real solutions to more challenging requirements for any trade name system."

For further information visit www.shuttleworth-uk.co.uk or call 01536 316 301.

Screen shot of Shuttleworth's MIS dashboard.

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