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Metamark launches new WallTex Photo-mural media

Digital print finds a home and discovers new applications in so many places these days that it's evident that its potential is far from fully exploited or discovered. New materials and technologies introduce more producers to the possibility of yet more profitable new applications and so, the popularity of the medium grows.

Among Metamark's latest introduction to its MD-Class digital media portfolio, is MD-TX or, WallTex as it's also known. WallTex promises MD-Class imaging quality, easy application, and yet more profitable new applications for printers and producers to explore.Metamark's WallTex used in interior wall coverings

WallTex is a printable wall covering. It holds image detail and resolves an impressive gamut thanks to its ink handling characteristics. The material is 100% polyester based and features an adhesive that makes its application, and its removal, clean and easy. According to Metamark, the new material will find uses anywhere that there's a need to introduce ambience or a measure of impact. Metamark also suggests that WallTex will find a home in domestic situations where photo-murals are becoming popular.

Supplied on a liner, WallTex can be cut using the same tools used for vinyl. Abstract shaped output and other novel approaches to mural application are challenged more by imagination than practical considerations. Metamark says it is making sample rolls of the new material available to users of solvent and eco-solvent printers who'd like to try fabric-based photo-mural applications for themselves.

Samples are available for same day despatch by visiting www.metamark.co.uk calling 0845 345 5645 or contacting sales@metamark.co.uk

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