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SmartLF SG voted 'Scanning Product of the year'

The scanner and the trophyArtSystems announced that the Speciality Graphic Imaging Association’s (SGIA) Product of the Year Competition, for a scanning product, was awarded to Colortrac’s SmartLF SG.
A total of 141 entries were submitted for this exclusive competition that took place during the 2015 SGIA Expo in November. Judges said the event was 'one of the most challenging in recent history'.

Held in Atlanta, USA, the award was announced to some of the leaders of the speciality imaging industry. ArtSystems’ Sales Divisional Manager, Ted Freer, said: We believe the Colortrac SmartLF SG is the best wide format scanner in its field and this award proves that the SGIA agrees with us. The range offers superior graphics, crystal clear lines and the fastest thick media adjustment on the market, we have every reason to be very proud of this product.”

Ray Weiss, SGIA’s Digital Specialist, said: “We are really thrilled with the participation from exhibiting companies, and we even doubled the product categories to correctly acknowledge all of the possible technical accomplishments honoured in this competition. The award winners have been extremely enthusiastic about their wins, understanding just how competitive the field was this year.”

The SmartLF SG series of large format scanners uses the same charge-coupled device (CCD) sensor technology found in professional quality cameras. It will scan thick media in HD up to 1200 DPI and up to 36 or even 44 inches wide.
Instant-on LED lights mean no warm up and no waiting around, and the SmartLF SG range scans all types of paper and mounted documents. It provides 'super-easy' adjustment for different media thicknesses up to 15 mm, and is suitable for:

- Hi-Fidelity colour reproduction for scanning and reprographics service professionals
- High Speed Technical Imaging within AEC, CAD, Mapping and GIS
- Electronic Document Capture (TWAIN)

There are three SmartLF SG high definition large format scanner models in each size (36in or 44in) with performance levels and features optimised for different applications.

If operator requirements change, the m (monochrome/greyscale) and c (colour) models can be remotely upgraded to a higher level using a simple emailed scanner upgrade tool. The e (enhanced) upgrade offers the highest colour scanning speed. Monochrome/greyscale scan speeds are identical across all upgrades.

Ted said: “Colortrac has created an instant classic with the SmartLF SG series by providing these scanners with a range of specifications that set the benchmark in their marketplace. The SGIA judges reinforced everything we have been saying about these machines, they are simply world beating technology.”

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